Surprise Visitors! By Dragonfly Boy

One morning on the 15 of July, I was using Legos. All of a sudden I heard a squeaking noise in the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen. I saw my little kitten with a baby mouse in his mouth.

Me and my kitten

The kitten's name is Merlin. Merlin caught his first mouse and he was batting it around. We were proud of him.

Moments later we saw another little mouse crawl across the living room floor. I ran to the piano. I crouched down. I reached for the mouse. I missed. He ran away. I ran after the mouse. Then I caught him. I ran to the kitchen. I put him into a yogurt container.

Then I let Merlin outside to run around a little bit. Then I gave him the little mouse I caught. Then a couple minutes later we could not find Merlin. Then I ran outside to look for him in the woods. I found him in a corner next to our house and his tail was all puffed up, so I brought him inside. Then I put him on the floor. He ran to the kitchen. I followed him.

He was laying on the floor next to the stove with his eyes focused on something under it. Moments later we saw parts of the wall move. Something was winding across the wall under the sink. We didn't know what it was. It was Louise, our snake friend. We knew her since we moved here. She lives in the foundation under our house. She slithered along the wall, behind the fridge. We didn't know what to do. There was a snake in our house!

Maybe she was just passing through or trying to catch some of the mice.

What a surprising day!!



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