A year in review

Written February 2012, lost in the techno-archives…

It has been a whole year since this adventure began. A year of visions, dreams and a lot of hard work. Truthfully, it all started years ago and the intention and manifestation has been building ever since.


Some days I think we are crazy. Some days I think we are blessed.


I am working on refining a mission statement, a declaration, a definition of exactly what we think we are doing. It's a good exercise! The winter is a great time for such things.


The house has undergone a dramatic transformation. On this day last year, I would not have entered the building without a dust mask and work boots. Today, I sit at the kitchen table to write this post.


Scott took on the construction while I immersed myself in color. I wanted our walls to bring life the the rooms, to show depth and shadow. I decided to lazure our walls, inspired by the painting in the Waldorf School where we both teach. With the help of friends, websites and You Tube videos I figured out a reasonable approximation of the technique.


Each room received many coats of paint. Applying one thin veil over another, I played with the relationship between the tones of color. I loved mixing my own tones and seeing my artwork change the room.


My mother and sisters were here the first week I started. They helped paint the bathroom, then we all attempted to figure out the lazuring technique. I've learned a whole lot since then! We started with a light coat of yellow in what would be the boys' room, then red-violet in the guest room.


I could offer heavy critiques of technique and color in each room. Having been so closely acquainted with the process, I can see every error! Despite that, I love living in a world of such complex color.


From the boys' bedroom, we see the cornfields, with rolling hills beyond them. Each evening, the room is lit by a magnificent sunset. The boys asked for a sunset on their walls, to mirror the outside. Here is what we came up with.


I worked on this room all summer, applying one or two coats here and there, slowly building the color. The room in so beautiful, with the original pine flooring and the amazing set of closet/cabinets that Scott built for them.


We set up the boys' room first, then the bathroom and guest room. When we moved into the house, we restricted our living to the upstairs. Scott and I slept on a futon in the guest room.

The living room slowly took on shape. There are such large windows in the room that I wanted to tie the color into the view of the outside. I tried to match the tones of the misty cornfield. Even more inspiration came from a drawing of my mothers that I wished to hang on the wall. It is a picture of my grandparents farm, a continual inspiration in this endeavor.

Scott tiled the wood stove hearth with old roofing slate we found on the property.

The kitchen is a work in progress. The walls were inspired by the corn stalks in autumn. Scott has been discovering a great deal as he builds our cabinets. For months, our cooking surface has been a butcher block cart, handed down from my grandparents, an incredibly valuable gift. Now, plywood counters sit on top of our unfinished cabinets. The kitchen feels luxurious!

Soon, we will put in tile counters and finish the cabinets. Someday we will even have more than bare bulbs for light fixtures…



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