Living between home and the world

It has almost been a full year since our arrival on this beautiful patch of land. A year of beauty, hard work, and the satisfaction and, sometimes, disappointment, of seeing ideals meet reality.

We have new perspectives on what is possible, and what is hard. We know that 9 year olds can (cheerfully!) haul water to the goats and feed the chickens in the dark before school in the morning. We know that the house is freezing cold when the fire goes out during the day, but that Papa can warm the wood stove up quickly. I know that I can still cook creatively, even without running water or a proper stovetop. We all know that there is nothing more wonderful than the home that is really, truly ours.

We have also learned that there is always more work than can possibly be done, that Carharts are brilliant, and that guinea hens are easy prey to hawks.

Lastly, I have learned that, no matter how important my work outside the home is, home is where we all want to be.



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